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Do the Test are pleased to announce that we are now taking bookings for the Construction Skills Certificate Scheme test. If you work in the construction industry and don’t hold a valid CSCS card, you could be in danger of losing out on work!


This card is portable proof that you are trained in health and safety to industry standard and your site manager could request to see yours at any time. Don’t take the risk! If you are a Skilled Worker, Trainee or Manager you could sit your exam with us and have your card in just a few days.

Success is Simple…

The Construction Skills, Health, Safety and Environment test lasts just 45 minutes and comprises of 50 multiple choice questions. There are several different levels of card, which require you to sit a different test, if you are struggling to decide which exam you should sit, speak to an advisor.

Book your Test at any Level…

No matter what level of certificate you need to achieve, you could pass your Health, Safety and Environment test with us. Dedicated staff are on hand to get you booked in and on your way to being safe in the workplace.

Here at the Online Testing & Learning website we are keen to help you find the best online course whatever your learning objectives.

Do the Tests is a unique online revision experience. By taking short tests in the various subject you are studying, you will learn your strengths and weaknesses.

That means that you can concentrate your GCSE revision on your weaknesses, practice those particular questions harder and so optimize your revision. Also, as you make mistakes in our tests, we tell you what the right answer was, which allows you to learn from your errors.

Best of all, Do the Tests is entirely free, and because it's online it marks everything for you, which saves you loads of time!

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Which GCSE Specification?

Do the Tests tries to cover as many topics within subjects as possible. Because it is a difficult task to cover all examining boards' specifications, I have decided to concentrate on the particular examining boards' specifications that I studied for at GCSE.

It is important to note that, as stated in the revision guide, you should obtain a copy of the specification you are studying for a subject (ask your teacher for details), and then thoroughly ensure you have revised each point. Do the Tests tries to cover as many points within your specifications as possible, but it is always best to tick topics off of your specification when you have revised or tested for them, because you will be able to see what you haven't done.

Do the Tests does not cover every specification for every exam board.
Your's may be different and have extra topics of study. Check.

The following is a list of the specifications used to create and organize the tests. All topics of study may not be included in busterTests:
Sciences: Edexcel's GCSE in Science: Double Award A (Linear) (1522)
Mathematics: AQA's GCSE in Mathematics A (3301) for 2005
AQA A-Level Physics B
AQA A-Level Chemistry

Specifications are not covered entirely by Do the Tests. This is mainly because some ideas are hard to transfer to Buster Test's format.

This page is correct at time of publication: 13/07/2004.

Technical Stuff

Do the Tests uses the clever PHP language, MySQL databases and the brilliant ADOdb database abstraction software. It also uses script.aculo.us on top of Prototype.

If you are seeking an experienced language tutor to help you learn a new language in order to give your career the boost it needs, we can help you find them. Learning a new language requires skill and commitment from both student and tutor, so you will want to be discerning about how you choose to teach you.

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